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  • Candidates. Legal Staffing Solutions focuses on the recruitment and placement of legal personnel for permanent positions throughout New England, in major U.S. cities, and abroad.

  • Background. Legal Staffing Solutions was founded by Robert C. DeLena, Esq., one of the most successful legal placement consultants in the country.

  • Philosophy. At Legal Staffing Solutions, our goal is to provide the highest quality service to our client-companies and client-candidates.

  • New England Job Listings. At Legal Staffing Solutions, we maintain an up to date list of current openings at local law firms, investment bank and companies.

  • National/Intl Possibilities. At Legal Staffing Solutions, we partner with recruiters in other cities to more effectively assist candidates when they are seeking employment outside of New England.

  • Salary & Benefit Survey. Legal Staffing Solutions compiles information on salary and benefits available in connection with certain employment opportunities. In particular, we maintain a current survey of associate salary levels at all large Boston law firms.



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