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Legal Staffing Solutions was founded by Robert C. DeLena, Esq., one of the most successful legal placement consultants in the country. Mr. DeLena became a legal placement consultant after practicing law for several years with Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, LLP and Peabody & Arnold. He is a graduate of Northeastern University School of Law, Trinity College and Governor Dummer Academy. He has made placements with every major Boston law firm; law firms in smaller New England markets; law firms in New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Francisco/Palo Alto and Los Angeles; investment banks based in Boston and New York; and companies throughout New England.

As a corporate attorney, Mr. DeLena worked on transactions with other top law firms, investment banks, venture capitalists and companies. Because he has spent time conducting due diligence reviews, drafting memos and compliance documents, attending drafting sessions and closings, as well as spending his share of evenings at the financial printer, he fully comprehends the work, hours and politics faced by client-candidates on a daily basis. Furthermore, because Mr. DeLena made a lateral career move from one law firm to another, and ultimately, a career change himself, he understands the difficulty in weighing career choices.

Telling Your Story

Understanding a client-candidate's reasons for considering a job change is pivotal in order to present alternative employment options which will ultimately satisfy the client-candidate. Certainly, understanding the merits of each opportunity available, including salary and benefit issues, and ensuring a confidential and efficient interview process are extremely important, but comprehending why a client-candidate is dissatisfied is the most important task of a legal placement consultant.

  • Why? Because the first question asked by any hiring official is: "Why is this person looking for a new position?"
  • Why do hiring officials ask this question? Because there is a certain underlying bias with every candidate seeking a new position that the candidate is being asked to leave by his/her present employer.
  • How can the concerns of a hiring official about a candidate be overcome? By having your story told by a legal placement consultant with a reputation for veracity and a heightened level of credibility established by placing quality candidates.

Telling the Truth

At Legal Staffing Solutions, our reputation is on the line with every candidate we recommend. If you are interested in exploring certain options and want your candidacy viewed with an increased sense of legitimacy, please contact us. Or, if you simply want to discuss your present employment situation, please feel free to contact us at info@legalstaffsol.com. If you prefer, you may also contact Mr. DeLena directly at delena@legalstaffsol.com.

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