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Legal Staffing Solutions focuses on the recruitment and placement of legal professionals for permanent positions throughout New England, in major U.S. cities, and abroad. The majority of our candidates fall into one of the categories listed below:

Associates in large firms seeking a lateral move to another large firm within the same city.
Associates in large firms relocating to another large firm in a different city.
Associates seeking an in-house position as General Counsel, Assistant General Counsel or Staff Attorney.
Associates looking to move out of the practice of law and into business either with an investment bank or company.
Associates in large firms interested in moving to mid-sized or boutique firms.
Partners in law firms seeking an alternative partnership arrangement with a different firm or a position as counsel to a company.
Human Resources Personnel in large law firms.

If you are a suitable candidate for any of the categories listed above and are interested in a confidential consultation to discuss your potential options, please contact Legal Staffing Solutions as soon as possible. For a confidential analysis of your resume, simply attach it in an email correspondence to resume@legalstaffsol.com or fax it to 617-242-1434.