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At Legal Staffing Solutions, our goal is to provide the highest quality service to our client-companies and client-candidates.

  • How can we ensure the highest quality service? Easily. We guarantee honesty, integrity, confidentiality, timeliness and diligence. Our placement consultants refuse to cut corners for the sake of making a placement.
  • How can you be sure? Because it is our policy not to advertise online. We exist solely on the goodwill we have established in the market and on referrals from satisfied client-candidates and client-companies.

What can Legal Staffing Solutions offer a client-candidate?

Client-candidates rely on our placement consultants throughout the entire hiring process.

  • For starters, we assist in crafting a resume and/or transaction sheet to increase the chances of receiving an interview.
  • We fully explain the parameters of options available and offer quick access to the appropriate hiring officials for any option that interests the client-candidate.
  • We provide insight into the interview process so that candidates are never caught off-guard with surprise questions.
  • Upon receipt of an offer, we verify salary and benefit information. We assist in negotiating signing bonuses and moving allowances.
  • We are especially helpful to out-of-state candidates with hotel and airline information, as well as recommending real estate agents, and providing information regarding the Bar Exam or waiving into a particular jurisdiction.

At Legal Staffing Solutions, we understand that conducting a job search while presently employed is a daunting task. We guarantee that we will assist you in every way possible to ensure that the process of understanding what options are available, exploring those options, and accepting and transitioning into a new position, will be conducted with the utmost integrity, confidentially and will proceed as smoothly as possible.

What can Legal Staffing Solutions offer a client-company?

Client-companies rely on our placement consultants to gain access to a body of potential employees that are not actively seeking alternative employment. Law firms, investment banks and companies have little trouble locating the unemployed or unhappily employed. These candidates respond to advertisements or simply show up in droves in the form of unsolicited resumes. These resumes are often too numerous to sift through and offer little hope in solving pressing hiring needs.

  • Our client-companies depend on Legal Staffing Solutions to actively recruit top level talent at similar firms or companies. These passive job seekers are often superstar attorneys, happy in their current employment situation, but are potential candidates due to geographical reasons or may be willing to listen when unique opportunities are presented.
  • We are consistently asked to fill specific needs and we serve as an efficient screening mechanism for our client-companies.
  • We locate top level talent, explain the parameters of each open position to potential candidates and, when appropriate, present those candidates for consideration.

Legal Staffing Solutions also guarantees that we will not actively solicit or recruit employees from any of our client-companies.

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